Original jewelry and accessories for the unique individual!

Original jewelry and accessories for the unique individual!

Welcome to my "Bead Alahas" Blogspot!

Greetings everyone,

Friends and newcomers, I welcome you all to my blogspot!

Bead Alahas is a small jewelry/accessories venture that I started two years ago, and it's still in it's pre-mature stages...I am a one woman army operation, literally...

All my fruits of labor are created with my own hands. I'm an extremely "curious" creative gal who designs edgy, fun colorful, statement jewelry, brooches, hair accessories, and will probably get into designing removable decorative pins for shoes next!

The accessories world is endless, that's for sure! I find intrigue in anyone that may possess diverse creative flair, and have a fancy for learning many artform techniques! If you're a creative person, craft lover, artist, jewelry fanatic, or just want to drop a positive note on my blog, by all means, please do so!

I'd love to chat, engage in interesting art and crafts conversation, and develop a network of creative people that are willing to share any useful business or creative information. We can all learn something from one another!

If anyone out there is interested in throwing house shows together, by all means, please contact me at beadalahas@yahoo.com. I'm located in the Milwaukee, WI area, but am open to doing house shows in Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

All the best, and never stop creating!

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